About FrieslandCampina

At FrieslandCampina we share the passion to get more out of milk together with 24,000 employees. Our shareholders, 17,000 farmers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, supply more than 10 billion kilograms of milk per year to FrieslandCampina. The products of FrieslandCampina are part of more than 30 iconic brands in more than 100 countries worldwide. Every day we reach millions of people. With sales of 11.6 billion euros, we belong to one of the largest dairy companies in the world.

FrieslandCampina is a purpose driven company focused on winning in the global market for dairy based products. Our long-term vision is focused on generating profits in order to create extra value for our member dairy farmers. FrieslandCampina produces and sells consumer products such as dairy-based beverages, infant nutrition, cheese and desserts in countries around the world. In addition, products are supplied to professional customers. FrieslandCampina does not only have iconic B2C brands, a big part of our business is in the B2B market, where we sell ingredients and semi-finished products to manufacturers of nutrition, the food industry and the pharmaceutical sector globally.

Why work in technology at FrieslandCampina?

As a technologist, you will feel completely at home at FrieslandCampina. Every hour, our 60 factories process 1.2 million liters of milk. Milk that consists of hundreds of components, used in our consumer products, but also in ingredients. In our plants, safety and continuous improvement are of paramount importance. By creating an optimal process, we can ensure the food-safety and quality of our products. FrieslandCampina offers you the unique opportunity to work throughout the whole chain, from grass to glass. Does this excite you? Your creativity, innovative spirit and technical instinct will all be put to good use during the Corporate Traineeship Technology!