About MIcompany

MIcompany is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company with offices in Tel Aviv and Amsterdam. From these offices, we drive AI transformations by building AI solutions and skills.  Our team of more than 70 data scientists, AI engineers & software engineers serves industry-leading companies such as Nike, eBay, Booking.com, Heineken, KPN, Lease Plan, Aegon and Shufersal. In more than 25 countries.



Our mission is to bring out the best of AI. For our clients, our people, and society. Given the disruptive character of AI, there are many ways how AI could derail us and bring society to a place where we do not want to be. For example, AI can lead to breaches of ethical conduct, by institutionalizing biases that are not allowed, or not desired. At MIcompany we believe that through building AI in a conscious and responsible manner, we are helping people and their organizations to prosper.

In our pro-bono partnership with the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), we collaborate with advanced scientific research to improve society’s understanding of allergy development at children. In this research, we apply deep learning techniques on multi-omics data such as DNA, methylated DNA, and mRNA data to uncover patterns that were previously unknown, and contribute to an earlier diagnosis and better treatment options.

In both our work and partnership we strive to inspire every day. For example, we have established and now operate the ECG Analytics University across the globe. Together with eBay, we are building the AI skills for a large and diverse group of employees to apply the power of AI and data. At KPN, we have jointly built AI applications to optimize its network investments in DSL, fiber, and 5G. Together with LeasePlan, we have built a new AI platform and system that can value and price used cars more reliable than ever.

We are driven by our values


We have set the bar high for ourselves, and aim to apply AI to transform the way our clients operate in the market. For us, change is not a cool AI-project or algorithm, but rather, it is about driving breakthroughs in directions that will last for many decades and leverage the potential of AI. This ambition requires us to have a perspective and capabilities on many fronts. From shaping our clients data access, developing and maintaining AI algorithms and applications, as well as driving change in business processes and systems.


Together with the growth in data sources, AI offers a range of new and high-tech applications to create value for companies, customers and society. We believe that to grasp the full potential of AI, a fundamental redesign of key processes is needed. This is a transformation that requires both a new way of working and new skill sets. We adopt a highly curious learning and highly practical doing mindset. Through our academy, we support our clients in building the skills required.


We understand that the application of AI can have a dark side and that we should be careful, responsible, and risk-averse in changes that might revoke that dark side. At the same time, we believe that there is an incredible potential for doing good with AI.
MIcompany aims to push the good from AI by inspiring our people and clients. AI can make our life easier, more meaningful and healthier. We inspire our people and companies to capture these opportunities by identifying and capturing new application areas for AI.


MIcompany consists of a team of more than 70 employees with offices in Tel Aviv and Amsterdam. Most of our employees (85%) have a background in Econometrics, Mathematics or Computer Science and belonged to the best of their study. The team is supported through strong ties with top academics from the universities of Tel Aviv (Artificial Intelligence), Rotterdam (Econometrics), Munster (Marketing) Amsterdam (UVA Science Faculty) and Groningen (DNA research).