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Optiver is a market maker on many exchanges. That means we don’t merely aim to improve the markets in which we trade; we are, in fact, obligated to do so. We achieve this by continuously offering the narrowest bid-ask spread we can, which is the difference between the buying price and the selling price of a given financial instrument. In doing so, we inject liquidity into the market by ensuring there’s always a willing buyer and seller for the products we trade, which allows investors to transfer some of their risk onto us (which we’re able to offset in a multitude of ways). As a result, the markets operate more efficiently, and because we consistently quote our buying and selling prices, they also operate more transparently.

The strategies and technology we deploy to make these market improvements are deeply complex. And they require a world class team of highly skilled professionals with expertise in a broad range of disciplines. But we are all bound by one very simple purpose: improving the market.


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